House of Friends has been hosting volunteers, artists, and travelers for more than 10 years in East Africa.


We have a very simple base of operations in Nairobi located in Kibera. Our home is located in a very safe area known as Olympic.

We pride ourselves on hosting more than 300 volunteers who have all had wonderful memories and, most importantly, a safe experience. We can handle every step as you arrive in Kenya, from airport pickup to helping with all orientation needs, allowing you to adjust and live comfortably in Kenya.  

Orientation may include helping you understand and exchange funds, costs of everyday items to make basic purchases, when and where it is safe to be, how to manage public transport and get around safely in Kenya, and so on. Our team has the requisite knowledge and experience. We have handled, it seems, almost every situation that guests may encounter. Things will happen, and it is important to have a team with whom you can rely on and be at ease.

We are here to make our guests feel safe and comfortable. Our team is more than just a hired driver or guide, but people with extensive experience in hosting others from all over the world. We are people who are aware and sensitive when guests experience a problem or are uncomfortable with a situation and will step in as needed to provide assistance.

Again, the House of Friends team is here to make sure you are safe and have a great experience in Kenya. We have learned to treat each person as an individual and that each of us takes in experiences differently and learns in different ways.  

We have worked with many organizations, NGOs, CBOs, and even tour operators who have had guests requesting to do full-immersion experiences. We have hosted students, seniors, first-time travelers, and even famous personalities. We are happy to provide you with contacts of past guests who can answer your questions or concerns. We are set up to host guests for as little as one night or as long as six months. 

We welcome you to not only stay at our base location in Nairobi but visit our other places – like the Maasai Mara, to see wildlife and rural communities; or Mombasa, to visit the beach and meet the coastal communities. At any of our locations, we work with guests to provide meals or self-cooking options, including how to prepare meals safely and where to purchase food and items from locals in the community. We will help you understand how to manage any hygiene needs and cleaning of clothes and personal items. We will be there to help you with any medical or emergency needs.  

Please feel free to contact us to learn more and ask about any of your concerns. Our team will provide you with a caring and exceptional experience. We can provide all meals or just your morning tea – for the lone traveler or a busload. Even if we are full, we have some great friends nearby who are ready to take you into their homes. 

We host many dinners, house concerts, and even TEDx events. Let us help you plan any game drives or camping in the Maasai Mara, time on the beach in Mombasa, a bike ride through the Kakamega tropical rainforest, or who knows what. Most likely, we have helped someone do something like it before.   


Maasai Mara
Our compound at Maasai Mara includes tent lodging with food tent and clean latrines.