Our Vision

Vision Yourself for Others — education, nature conservation, water, entrepreneurship, and animal rights for more than 15 years in East Africa.


House of Friends is an initiative that grew out of Child Wellness Funds efforts in East Africa. It launched when we found ourselves hosting and caring for volunteers from all over the world in our hostel-type home in Kibera, located in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. From there, it stuck as the place for outsiders to go if you need to connect with the community; and for the locals, it became the place to go if you are looking to be mentored in addressing real life issues and growing to be a respected and contributing youth in the community. 

Jamey Ponte, the founder, had been informally running this initiative in Kenya since 2003, when he first visited Africa. Over the years, it became more and more of a formal effort, transforming into an incubator and engine of social justice efforts throughout the globe. 

From three set locations in Kenya, its participants are continuously launching “actions” to positively impact East Africa and the world.